Call to Action: Farmland Protection Success Stories in the Empire State

In the past decade, towns and counties around New York State have been protecting farmland through a variety of unique initiatives and planning efforts. To honor these success stories, American Farmland Trust published Call to Action—Farmland Protection Success Stories in the Empire State. The 44-page book uses straightforward language and illustrative photographs to celebrate the efforts of New York state residents who have been working to successfully protect their precious farmland resources. In their own words, farmers, planners, public officials and concerned residents from Long island to the Hudson River Valley to the Catskill Mountains recount their struggles to protect farmland.Nike Sneakers

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Kirsten Ferguson, Jeremiah P. Cosgrove and Teri Ptacek
Saratoga Springs, NY: American Farmland Trust
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January 1, 1998
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Reports and Studies