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Title: A New Comparison of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from California Agricultural and Urban Land Uses
Publisher: Davis, CA: American Farmland Trust

This study shows that urban land uses generate an average of 58 times more greenhouse gases per acre than the production of California's leading crops. This means that conserving farmland by preventing its development is an effective strategy for alleviating climate change. The study found that emissions from seven crops grown on four million acres of the state’s farmland – including rice, tomatoes, lettuce, almonds, wine grapes, corn and alfalfa – averaged 0.89 tons of CO2 equivalent per acre, while those from residential, commercial and industrial land uses in 13 California cities averaged 51 tons per acre.Adidas

Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 , Author: Steve Shaffer and Edward Thompson, Jr. , Page Numbers: 12
Nid: 1983911372
Title: A New England Food Vision
Publisher: Durham, NH: Food Solutions New England

A New England Food Vision describes a future in which New England produces at least half of the region’s food—and no one goes hungry. It looks ahead half a century and sees farming and fishing as important regional economic forces; soils, forests, and waterways cared for sustainably; healthy diets as a norm; and access to food valued as a basic human right.

Date: Monday, December 1, 2014 , Author: Brian Donahue , Page Numbers: 48
Nid: 1983911403
Title: A New Generation of Working Lands: Possibilities for Land Trusts and Beginner Farmers in Coastal California
Publisher: Davis, CA: UC Davis Department of Community Development

The report herein is a summary of key findings from a study done with land trusts and beginning farmer population in coastal California. Findings suggest that there is great potential for these two groups to work together towards mutually beneficial ends. However, a relationship between these two populations will only work if both groups come to the table understanding the needs of the other. This report hopes to introduce the most important factors for collaboration.Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Leather

Date: Friday, July 1, 2011 , Author: Jessica Beckett , Page Numbers: 5
Nid: 1983911189
Title: A North Okanagan Food System Plan: Strengthening the Regional Food System
Publisher: Coldstream, B.C.: The Regional District of the North Okanagan

Given the substantial number of issues related to the complex regional food system in North Okanagan, British Columbia, this report focuses only on some of the key issues for the region. These have been organized into three different sub-sections –the agricultural sector, health and the consumer, and resiliency. Each sub-section provides an overview of our regional assets and/or initiatives in place or pending, and an overview of the challenges to be overcome in the process of building a stronger, more resilient food system. Successful models, tools or initiatives from other jurisdictions have been included wherever possible. In addition, each sub-section provides recommendations for initiatives that could move the region forward in food system planning.SNEAKERS

Date: Thursday, January 1, 2009 , Author: Buffy Baumbrough, Wendy Aasen and Andrea Gunner, Dave Whiting, and Laura Kalina , Page Numbers: 109
Nid: 39194
Title: A Path Forward: Identifying Least-Conflict Solar PV Development in California’s San Joaquin Valley
Publisher: Berkeley, CA: Center for Law, Energy & the Environment; Corvallis, OR: Conservation Biology Institute

To help reduce land-use conflicts associated with solar siting, Conservation Biology Institute (CBI), Berkeley Law’s Center for Law, Energy and the Environment (CLEE), and Terrell Watt Planning Associates, with input from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), undertook a stakeholder-led process. Initiated in June 2015, the goal was to explore how multiple and diverse parties could quickly (within six months) identify least-conflict lands, including lands that are no longer agriculturally productive, for solar photovoltaic development from their perspectives. This document describes the process and summarizes the key findings and recommendations.エア ジョーダン 偽物 通販、Air Jordan レプリカ 激安、エア ジョーダン スーパー コピー

Date: Sunday, May 1, 2016 , Author: Dustin Pearce, James Strittholt, Terry Watt, Ethan N. Elkind , Page Numbers: 80
Nid: 1983911539
Title: A Pathway for Kentucky's Agriculture and It's Rural Communities: 2007 to 2012 Strategic Plan
Publisher: Frankfort, KY: Kentucky Agricultural Council , Date: Tuesday, January 1, 2008 , Author: Kentucky Agricultural Council
Nid: 37119
Title: A Plan for Atlanta's Sustainable Food Future
Publisher: Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Local Food Initiative

In 2005, a group of interested citizens and organizations began a dialogue to create a more sustainable food system for Metro Atlanta resulting in the creation of the Atlanta Local Food Initiative (ALFI).

The Atlanta Local Food Initiative envisions a transformed food system in which every Atlantan has access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food produced by a thriving network of sustainable farms and gardens. A greener Metro Atlanta that embraces a sustainable, local food system will enhance human health, promote environmental renewal, foster local economies, and link rural and urban communities.Highsnobiety Sneakers

Date: Saturday, January 1, 2005 , Author: Atlanta Local Food Initiative , Page Numbers: 20
Nid: 39004
Title: A Planners Guide to Community and Regional Food Planning: Transforming Food Environments, Facilitating Healthy Eating
Publisher: Chicago, IL: American Planning Association

Food nourishes us, enriches our celebrations, and sustains life itself. Yet not everyone in the United States has equal access to healthy food. Some of us live in neighborhoods where grocery stores carry a greater variety of potato chips than vegetables, while some of us cannot afford vegetables even when they are available. This report shows how planners can play a significant role in shaping the food environment of communities and thereby facilitate healthy eating.Nike Zoom Assersion EP

Date: Thursday, May 1, 2008 , Author: Samina Raja, Branden Born, and Jessica Kozlowski Russell , Page Numbers: 108
Nid: 37833
Title: A Primer on Community Food Systems: Linking Food, Nutrition and Agriculture
Publisher: Ithaca, NY: Cornell University , Publication Name: Cornell Cooperative Extension

The term "food system" is used frequently in discussions about nutrition, food, health, community economic development and agriculture. The food system includes all processes involved in keeping us fed: growing, harvesting, processing (or transforming or changing), packaging, transporting, marketing, consuming and disposing of food and food packages. It also includes the inputs needed and outputs generated at each step. The food system operates within and is influenced by social, political, economic and natural environments. Each step is also dependent on human resources that provide labor, research and education.Shop Women's Boots

Author: Cornell University , Page Numbers: 6
Nid: 36877
Title: A Relative Efficiency Analysis of Farmland Preservation Programs
Publisher: Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press , Publication Name: Land Economics

While agricultural land preservation programs seek to maximize the number of acres, to preserve productive farms, to preserve contiguous farms, and to preserve threatened farms, they are often evaluated solely on the number of acres preserved. Preserved parcels in four Maryland counties were evaluated to determine how well programs traded off the four goals using a Farrell efficiency analysis approach. Comparisons are made between the types of programs. Of the four objectives, parcel size and productivity measures were the most likely to affect the efficiency measures. In addition, purchase of development rights programs were most successful in trading off objectives.ADIDAS

Date: Tuesday, January 2, 2001 , Author: Lori Lynch and Wesley N. Musser , Page Numbers: 577-594
Nid: 29722
Title: A Resource Guide to Cultivate the Linn County Local Food System
Publisher: Amana, IA: Iowa Valley Resource Conservation and Development

In Linn and Johnson counties, Iowa, multiple organizations and partners have created a Task Force to identify issues in the Linn and Johnson local food system and develop a strategic food system plan to address the issues. This Resource Guide examines the current food system, availability of local food, and the top 10 issues that need to be addressed.Nike

Date: Friday, January 1, 2010 , Author: Jason Grimm , Page Numbers: 46
Nid: 39192
Title: A Survey of Geographic Information Systems for Natural Resources Decision Making
Publisher: Washington, DC: American Farmland Trust , Publication Name: AFT Publication

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer-based methodology including hardware, software and graphics that encodes, analyzes and displays multiple data layers derived from various sources. A GIS can integrate multi-layered information and express the analysis in the form of tables, graphic displays on a monitor, and in maps. Installing GISs at a facility so that users will have “hands-on” access to the system for day-to-day decisions will enable public policy to be more specific, thus more legally defensible, and also more innovative. Surveys identified the two most frequent developers and users of GIS software to be USDA Soil Conservation Service State Conservationists and State Departments of Agriculture. The greatest need to extend GIS technologies appears to be among local elected officials. Questions for a follow-up survey of users were designed to represent those of importance to local level decision-makers who need to be able to evaluate the agricultural significance of their natural resources. The Land Evaluation and Site Assessment (LESA) system is flexible enough to accommodate use at the local, regional and state level, yet in all cases LESA evaluations require integration of multiple data sets for single site analyses as well as analysis of other complicated elements in a broad network of off-site factors that affect the viability of farms. The LESA model depends on the integration of multiple data sets and analysis of complex spatial interrelationships. The evaluation is further complicated by the need to assign different weights to various classes of data on the basis of local considerations.Yeezy Wave Runner 500

Date: Thursday, August 1, 1985 , Author: American Farmland Trust , Page Numbers: ii, 162
Nid: 30627
Title: A Team Approach to Farm Transfer Planning Assistance
Publisher: Keene, NH: Land for Good , Publication Name: A Team Approach to Farm Transfer Planning Assistance

The purpose of this handbook is to build successful team-based approaches to succession planning assistance.

Author: Kathy Ruhf , Page Numbers: 31
Nid: 1983911201
Title: A Tribute to Norm Berg by Craig Cox
Publisher: Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust , Date: Saturday, September 1, 2007 , Author: Craig Cox , Page Numbers: 1
Nid: 35363
Title: A Tribute to Norm Berg by Dick Esseks
Publisher: Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust , Date: Saturday, September 1, 2007 , Author: Dick Esseks , Page Numbers: 1
Nid: 35101
Title: A Tribute to Norm Berg by Doug Helms
Publisher: Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust , Date: Saturday, September 1, 2007 , Author: Doug Helms , Page Numbers: 1
Nid: 35132
Title: A Tribute to Norm Berg by Doug Wheeler
Publisher: Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust , Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2007 , Author: Doug Wheeler , Page Numbers: 1
Nid: 35008
Title: A Tribute to Norm Berg by Edward Thompson, Jr.
Publisher: Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust , Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2008 , Author: Edward Thompson, Jr. , Page Numbers: 1
Nid: 37150
Title: A Tribute to Norm Berg by Frances Novak
Publisher: Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust , Date: Saturday, September 1, 2007 , Author: Frances Novak , Page Numbers: 1
Nid: 35047
Title: A Tribute to Norm Berg by Gary Margheim
Publisher: Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust , Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2008 , Author: Gary Margheim , Page Numbers: 1
Nid: 37149