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Idaho House Bill 466 (2022)

An act relating to confined animal feeding operations; amending Chapter 36, Title 39, Idaho Code, by the addition of a new Section 39-3628b, Idaho Code, to provide for the confined animal feeding operations improvement fund, to provide for the expenditure and grants of moneys in the fund, to provide for an annual report to the legislature, to provide that certain law shall not apply to the fund, to provide for the CAFO improvement fund committee, and to provide that the department of environmental quality shall provide staff assistance and support; and declaring an emergency and providing an effective date.

The proposed bill establishes the CAFO Improvement Fund for a statewide grant program. Grants will go to CAFOs looking to make environmental improvements including: implementing waste, nutrient, and water management systems or improving the energy efficiency and use of renewables in processing of livestock by-products and waste. Grants will be administered by the established CAFO Improvement Fund Committee.

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Legislative Updates
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Conservation Policies and Programs, Soil Health
Idaho H.466 (2022).

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