Virginia House Bill 1549 (2011)

Provides for the Department of General Services to establish procurement procedures to facilitate the purchase of Virginia-grown food products by state agencies and institutions and local public school divisions to the maximum extent possible. The bill also provides local school divisions with an exemption from competitive sealed bidding under certain circumstances when procuring Virginia-grown food … Continued

North Carolina House Bill 406 (2011)

Provides that land engaged in agricultural qualifies for enrollment in a voluntary agricultural district even if it does not qualify for current use value taxation.

North Carolina House Bill 840 (2011)

Establishes the Healthy Schools Fund encouraging local food sourcing in schools. Provides definitions of “Local foods” and outlines program requirements.

Virginia House Bill 1725 (2011)

Creates the Virginia Farmland Preservation Fund, to consist of funds as may be appropriated by the General Assembly and other public or private sources. The funds will be used solely for the purposes of preserving farmland in the Commonwealth and will be administered by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Wyoming House Bill 11 (2011)

Creates the Wyoming Food Freedom Act exempting certain sales from licensure, certification and inspection. The purpose of the Wyoming Food Freedom Act is to allow for the sale and consumption of homemade foods and to encourage the expansion and accessibility of farmers markets, ranch, farm and home based sales and producer to informed end consumer … Continued

Virginia House Bill 1445 (2011)

Limits the maximum amount that any taxpayer may receive in land preservation tax credits to $10 million annually, beginning in calendar year 2012.

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