Vermont Senate Bill 179 (2012)

This bill proposes to amend the conservation easement statutes to permit modification of perpetual conservation easements. The bill establishes the criteria to be used to determine when an easement amendment would be allowed, creates a process for making that determination, and vests the holders of the easement with initial authority to make the determination.

Tennessee House Bill 897 (2012)

Clarifies that sales tax does not apply to sales of agricultural products from farmer to consumer; clarifies definition of agricultural products.

Tennessee Senate Bill 1749 (2012)

The Tennessee Farm Land Protection Act. This bill establishes and describes requirements for the taking of prime farmland by eminent domain.

Food Systems: Portland Plan Background Report, Fall 2009

This Food Systems Existing Conditions Report represents the first attempt to characterize a wide range of food issues as part of the City’s comprehensive planning efforts. It includes a summary of what is currently known about Portland’s food system, conclusions from national studies about the impact and intersections between food, health and community design, and … Continued

Utah House Bill 249 (2011)

This bill provides that an individual may grow and store food for consumption by the individual and other community members.

Virginia House Bill 1549 (2011)

Provides for the Department of General Services to establish procurement procedures to facilitate the purchase of Virginia-grown food products by state agencies and institutions and local public school divisions to the maximum extent possible. The bill also provides local school divisions with an exemption from competitive sealed bidding under certain circumstances when procuring Virginia-grown food … Continued

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