Arkansas Constitution

Article 16

Section 15


Assessment of residential property and agricultural, pasture, timber, residential and

commercial land.

(a) Residential property used solely as the principal place of residence of the owner thereof

shall be assessed in accordance with its value as a residence, so long as said property is used as

the principal place of residence of the owner thereof, and shall not be assessed in accordance

with some other method of valuation until said property ceases to be used for such residential


(b) Agricultural land, pasture land, timber land, residential and commercial land, excluding

structures thereon, used primarily as such, shall be valued for taxation purposes under the

provisions of Section 5 of this Article, upon the basis of its agricultural, pasture, timber,

residential, or commercial productivity or use, and when so valued, such land shall be assessed at

the same percentum of value and taxed at the same rate as other property subject to ad valorem


(c) The General Assembly shall enact laws providing for the administration and enforement of

this Section and for the imposition of penalties for violations of this Section, or statutes enacted

pursuant thereto. [Added by Const. Amend. 59.]