Utah Constitution / Code

Article XIII Revenue and Taxation
Section Section 2 [Property tax.]

     Article XIII, Section 2.   [Property tax.]
     (1) So that each person and corporation pays a tax in proportion to the fair market value of his, her, or its tangible property, all tangible property in the State that is not exempt under the laws of the United States or under this Constitution shall be:
     (a) assessed at a uniform and equal rate in proportion to its fair market value, to be ascertained as provided by law; and
     (b) taxed at a uniform and equal rate.
     (2) Each corporation and person in the State or doing business in the State is subject to taxation on the tangible property owned or used by the corporation or person within the boundaries of the State or local authority levying the tax.
     (3) The Legislature may provide by statute that land used for agricultural purposes be assessed based on its value for agricultural use.
     (4) The Legislature may by statute determine the manner and extent of taxing livestock.
     (5) The Legislature may by statute determine the manner and extent of taxing or exempting intangible property, except that any property tax on intangible property may not exceed .005 of its fair market value. If any intangible property is taxed under the property tax, the income from that property may not also be taxed.
     (6) Tangible personal property required by law to be registered with the State before it is used on a public highway or waterway, on public land, or in the air may be exempted from property tax by statute. If the Legislature exempts tangible personal property from property tax under this Subsection (6), it shall provide for the payment of uniform statewide fees or uniform statewide rates of assessment or taxation on that property in lieu of the property tax. The fair market value of any property exempted under this Subsection (6) shall be considered part of the State tax base for determining the debt limitation under Article XIV.

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