Burlington, Vermont: Comprehensive Development Ordinance (Article 1)

It is the intent and purpose of this Burlington, Vermont ordinance:
(a) To encourage the use and development of lands in Burlington in a manner which will promote the public health, safety and welfare;
(b) To implement the goals of the Burlington Municipal Development Plan;
(c) To protect agricultural, forest and other environmentally significant lands;
(d) To facilitate the growth of Burlington and its neighborhoods so as to create an optimum environment, with good urban and civic design;
(e) To encourage appropriate architectural design and the conservation and protection of historic resources;
(f) To encourage the conservation, utilization and development of renewable energy resources;
(g) To encourage development of a rich cultural environment and to foster the arts.
(h) To encourage the continued economic growth and vitality of the city; and
(i) To create a model city for people to live and work in.

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Burlington, Vt., Comprehensive Development Ordinance, art. I (2017).
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Local Laws and Resolutions