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Agricultural Conservation Easement Program Manual

The Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) program manual (440-CPM, Part 528) was published February 12, 2020.

All of the subparts have been updated as follows:

    • Subparts A-C, R, and T: Applicable across ACEP
    • Subparts D-J:  Applicable to ACEP-ALE
    • Subparts K-Q: Applicable to ACEP-WRE

Updates to Subpart U and the associated exhibits are currently being updated and will be released in the coming weeks through national bulletins, instructions, and updates to the exhibit links in the manual.

There are updates throughout to provide policy and procedure for: implementation of new or modified provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill that affect ACEP and associated changes in the ACEP regulation as published in the ACEP interim rule; to accommodate the use of new business tools; to reflect the reorganization to FPAC; and capture other changes and updates needed since the last publication of the manual. The manual also identifies the applicability of various provisions that differ based upon the Farm Bill under which an agreement was executed.

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