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Maryland House Bill 156 (2022)

AN ACT concerning Local Governments – Urban Agricultural Incentive Zones – Authorization

This bill would authorize a local government to designate an area as an urban agricultural incentive zone or accept applications from a qualifying farmer or partner organization to designate a zone. Designated zones would be required to dissolve after 25 years. If a local government designates an urban agricultural incentive zone, it will also establish a designated fund to receive Conservation Innovation Grant funds from USDA and 100% of the sales and tax revenue from the sale of farm products from the incentive zone. Money in the fund would support local urban agriculture and economic development, fund educational programs on nutrition and local urban farms, and improve access to local healthy food. The local government could also grant property tax credits for urban farms and authorize local utilities to allow an urban producer to pay reduced rates for services.

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Maryland HB156 (2022).

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