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Ohio House Bill 397 (2022)

An act to amend sections 164.02, 164.05, 164.06, 164.08, 164.20, 164.22, 164.26, 940.05, 1509.28, and 3781.1011 and to enact sections 126.62 and 5301.71 of the Revised Code to revise the law regarding agricultural leases and soil and water conservation districts; to modify the laws governing the Ohio Public Works Commission, district public works integrating committees, and natural resources assistance councils; to convey state-owned land in Fairfield County to the board of commissioners of Fairfield County; to create the Investing in Ohio Fund; to revise the law governing the issuance of unit operation orders under the Oil and Gas Law; to make changes to the law regarding battery-charged fences; and to make an appropriation.

This bill aims to address uncertainty in farmland leases, providing protections for tenant operators from late terminations. The bill states that in either a written or verbal farmland leasing situation where the agreement between the parties does not provide for a termination date or a method for giving notice of termination, a landlord who wants to terminate the lease must do so in writing by September 1. The termination would be effective either upon completion of harvest or December 31, whichever is earlier.

The bill applies only to leases that involve planting, growing, and harvesting of crops and does not apply to leases for pasture, timber, buildings, or equipment and does not apply to the tenant in a leasing agreement.

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Ohio HB.397 (2022).

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