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Pennsylvania Senate Bill 64 (2021)

An Act amending the act of June 30 1981 (P.L.128 No.43) known as the Agricultural Area Security Law further providing for purchase of agricultural conservation easements for Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Fund and for Land Trust Reimbursement Program.

Currently, non-profit entities may only participate in the state’s agricultural conservation easement program jointly with a county. This bill would allow nonprofit entities to participate under certain conditions.

The bill would allocate $2.5 million to reimburse nonprofits for the purchase of easements and $500,000 to reimburse nonprofits for transaction expenses. Easement purchase reimbursements are limited to $2,500 per acre or 50% of the appraised value, whichever is less, and transaction expense reimbursements are limited to $10,000 per easement. The bill includes additional easement eligibility requirements and requires matching funds from nonprofit entities.

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Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements
Pennsylvania S.B. 64 (2021).

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