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Washington House Bill 1814 (2022)

AN ACT Relating to expanding equitable access to the benefits of renewable energy through community solar projects; amending RCW 82.16.130 and 82.16.170; adding new sections to chapter 82.16 RCW; creating new sections; providing expiration dates; and declaring an emergency.

This bill establishes an incentive program for community solar projects that benefit low-income communities. The program features a precertification option through the Washington State University extension energy program and payments of up to $20,000 per project to cover installation and administration costs. There are also funding set-asides for non-profits to find innovative approaches for allocating benefits to subscribers and for tribal governments. Projects that take advantage of this incentive program must be located on preferred sites, such as the built environment, existing impervious surfaces, brownfields, and dual-use systems that ensure ongoing agricultural operations.

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Washington HB1814 (2022).

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