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Wisconsin Senate Bill 678 (2022)

An Act to repeal 281.75 (2) (e) 281.75 (9) (a) 281.75 (11) (a) 8. and 281.75 (11) (ae); to renumber and amend 281.75 (5) (f) and 281.75 (9) (b); to amend 92.14 (6) (c) 93.59 (2) (a) 93.59 (2) (d) 93.59 (3) 281.68 (1t) (intro.) 281.68 (3) (a) 1. 281.75 (7) (c) 7. and 281.75 (11m); and to create 281.68 (1) (ar) 281.70 (1) (am) 281.70 (4) (a) 4. 281.75 (2) (g) 281.75 (5) (f) 2. 281.75 (7) (d) and 281.75 (9) (am) (bm) (c) and (d) of the statutes; Relating to: nitrates under the well compensation program; eligibility for producer-led watershed lake and river protection grants; and the annual allocation plan for county conservation grants. (FE)

This bill expands eligibility for producer-led watershed protection grants by allowing the minimum number of producers involved in a group to include producers located in adjacent watersheds. The bill also provides that producer-led groups may be eligible for the Department of Natural Resource’s lake management planning grants, lake monitoring and protection grants, and river protection grants.

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Wisconsin SB.678 (2022).

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