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ACEP-ALE Program Agreement Optional Exhibit #4

This workshop, co-hosted by American Farmland Trust IAFT) and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), explores the use of optional Exhibit #4 as part of an entity program agreement under ACEP-ALE.  Exhibit #4 is a valuable tool that can be used to strengthen program partnerships and clarify NRCS and partner roles and timetables.  It can also be used to identify and include specific easement deed terms that have been approved by NRCS and can be used by an entity in its ACEP-ALE projects.  The workshop was geared toward entities with current ACEP-ALE projects, as well as those considering applying to the program.  

This workshop is part of a series co-hosted by NRCS’ Easement Program Division and AFT’s Farmland Information Center and National Agricultural Land Network. These virtual workshops provide a deeper dive into several ACEP-ALE components. The workshops are a direct result of AFT’s ACEP-ALE Summit held in March of 2023 for state, local, and municipal government staff participating in the ACEP-ALE program.

Author / Presenter
Matt Oliver, USDA NRCS ACEP-ALE Program Manager
Date published
March 21, 2024
Publisher / Host
Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust
Media Type

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