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Sustainable Farm Leases

The presentations in this session from American Farmland Trust's Farmland, Food and Livable Communities Conference discuss one of the biggest challenges facing agriculture today: access to affordable, productive land.  Young and beginning farmers, in particular, have trouble buying farmland due to lack of capital. Leasing land can provide an affordable alternative for new as well as expanding farm operatons. These presentations cover what makes a good lease agreement and how to assess landowner intentions. Learn about provisions that benefit the farmer, the landowner and the land.

Session presenters: Tim Biello, New York Project Manager & Hudson Valley Farmlink Network Coordinator, American Farmland Trust (moderator); Ed Cox, Former Fellow at Drake University’s Law School, Associate Attorney at Orsborn, Milani, Mitchell & Goedken, L.L.P., and author of The Landowner’s Guide to Sustainable Farm Leasing; David Miller, Founder of Working Farms Capital, Founding Advisor: Loyola University of Chicago Institute of Environmental Sustainability, and CEO and Founder of Iroquois Valley Farms.

Author / Presenter
Ed Cox and David Miller
Date published
October 20, 2014
Publisher / Host
American Farmland Trust
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