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Transferring Farmland to the Next Generation

The presentations in this session from American Farmland Trust's Farmland, Food and Livable Communities Conference discuss how farmland protection programs keep land in active agricultural use and help facilitate farm transfers. Presentations also cover protected farmland owners' succession plans and the upcoming Tenure, Ownership, and Transition of Agricultural Land (TOTAL) survey—a joint effort of the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service and Economic Research Service to better understand both farm operating landlords and non-farm operator landowners, how the land they own is used, and their future plans for their land.

Session Presenters: Jennifer Dempsey, Director, Farmland Information Center, American Farmland Trust (moderator); Brian Schilling, Assistant Extension Specialist of Agricultural Policy within Rutgers Cooperative Extension and Assistant Professor of agricultural, food and resource economics at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University; J. Dixon Esseks, Ph.D., Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Tony Dorn, Head of the Economics Section, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service; Allison Borchers, Economist, USDA Economic Research Service

Author / Presenter
Alison Borchers, Tony Dorn, Dick Esseks, Brian Schilling
Date published
October 21, 2014
Publisher / Host
American Farmland Trust
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