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At the Community Food & Agriculture Coalition, we know that there is an enthusiastic generation of beginning farmers and ranchers who want to create successful and sustainable farms and ranches across Montana. We also know that starting farming is tough work! We understand the challenges of finding land, accessing markets, tracking down financing, building a profitable business, and hiring and keeping great employees.

We started Farm Link Montana to be a one-stop shop for finding help with those challenges, including:

  • Programs to link beginning farmers with internships, mentorship, and land
  • An online clearinghouse of the people, tools, and resources in Montana that will help you get started farming

We understand that as the average age of farmers and ranchers in Montana increases, we need to help the next generation have the greatest possible chances of success. We believe agriculture is an important part of our heritage and we want to help Montana keep growing! Our goal is to create successful beginning farmers and ranchers and we hope that this tool helps in your success.

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