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Tennessee Farm Link

Agriculture is an integral part of our economy, environment, and community in Tennessee.  However, one of the biggest hurdles beginning farmers face is affordable land access.  In partnership with the TN Department of Agriculture, TN Farm Link aims to help overcome this hurdle across the state, and insure farmland stays in use. 

Looking to start or expand a farm business and need land?  Own land and looking for the right person to lease or manage it?  TN Farm Link connects farmers who are seeking land to buy, lease, or manage, with landowners who are seeking to transfer land via lease, sale, or other arrangements.

A success farm match may benefit landowners by creating free or low-cost upkeep of land, rental income, a share of production, and improved soil and water quality.  Farm Seekers will get the benefit of having assistance in locating resources, the opportunity to learn from experienced farmers, and options other than direct land purchase.

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