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A North Okanagan Food System Plan: Strengthening the Regional Food System

Given the substantial number of issues related to the complex regional food system in North Okanagan, British Columbia, this report focuses only on some of the key issues for the region. These have been organized into three different sub-sections –the agricultural sector, health and the consumer, and resiliency. Each sub-section provides an overview of our regional assets and/or initiatives in place or pending, and an overview of the challenges to be overcome in the process of building a stronger, more resilient food system. Successful models, tools or initiatives from other jurisdictions have been included wherever possible. In addition, each sub-section provides recommendations for initiatives that could move the region forward in food system planning.

Downloadable Documents
Buffy Baumbrough, Wendy Aasen and Andrea Gunner, Dave Whiting, and Laura Kalina
Coldstream, B.C.: The Regional District of the North Okanagan
Page Numbers
Publication Date
January 01, 2009
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Direct Marketing, Local / Regional Food Systems, Planning for Agriculture and Food Systems

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