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Beyond Takings and Givings

Beyond Takings and Givings updates and expands the 1997 publication Saved By Development. Beyond Takings and Givings offers a progress report on most of the 112 TDR programs profiled in the 1997 book plus case studies of 30 additional programs. Beyond Takings and Givings provides a step-by-step guide to creating a TDR program and addresses the most commonly asked questions on this topic. What is TDR? How did TDR evolve? What can TDR accomplish? Where is TDR used? Where has TDR worked best? What are TDR’s success factors? What are TDRs advantages and disadvantages? How does TDR compare with other implementation tools? Why doesn’t everyone use TDR? And, for communities where adoption of a traditional TDR program seems doubtful, Beyond Takings and Givings explains density transfer charges, a tool that reduces the seemingly complex TDR mechanism to a single requirement. Beyond Takings and Givings places TDR within the context of the ongoing property rights debate. Some property rights advocates believe that governments should compensate for regulations that reduce but do not eliminate property value, or “partial takings”. In contrast, some community rights advocates argue that compensation is inappropriate because value reductions are offset by the value increases created by government actions and regulations, often without reimbursement, or “givings”. TDR offers a practical alternative to this stalemate. It recaptures a portion of the extra value created by additional development at TDR receiving sites and uses it to offset value reductions experienced by the owners of sending area land who voluntarily restrict the development potential of their properties.

Rick Pruetz
Marina Del Rey, CA: Arje Press
Page Numbers
Publication Date
April 14, 2003
Publication Type
Transfer of Development Rights

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