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Conservation and the 2007 Farm Bill

This report introduces some of the issues that are influencing the development of a conservation title in the 2007 farm bill. It then reviews the contents of the House Agriculture Committee’s discusion draft and more briefly summarizes provisions in some of the other bills that have been introduced (H.R. 1551, S. 919, H.R. 1600, and H.R. 1766). The committee draft would provide more modest increases in funding for conservation programs than many of the alternative conservation bills are calling for, add some new freestanding conservation initiatives in areas such as working cooperativley and using market-based approaches, add new topics–forest management and invasive species, for example–to some existing programs, and reauthorize all expiring conservation programs. The other three bills discussed in this report include large conservation sections and would make more substantial changes to some conservation programs, while providing more funding to the conservation effort.

Publication Name
CRS Report
Downloadable Documents
Jeffrey A. Zinn
Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service
Page Numbers
Publication Date
July 16, 2007
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Conservation Policies and Programs, Farm Bill

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