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Creating Great Neighborhoods: Density in Your Community

As communities confront the consequences of low-density development, a more balanced perspective emerges. People are beginning to realize that nodes of more intense development can help achieve local economic development goals, provide housing options, create walkable neighborhoods, and protect their air, water and open space. This balance helps create a sense of place – a place to walk, a place to talk to neighbors, a place to know the children are safe to walk to school. To create these great places, communities are zoning some areas for higher density and a mix of houses, with parks, schools and shops. This more balanced perspective changes the discussion from “Should we have density?” to “What should the density look like and how should we create it?” The discussion invites citizens to think about designing great places, rather than just thinking about density. It reflects a lesson being learned across the country: to create great communities, neighborhoods must combine density with great design.

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Adhir Kackar and Ilana Preuss
Washington, DC: Local Government Commission
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September 01, 2003
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Reports and Guides
Land Use Planning, Planning for Agriculture and Food Systems, Smart Growth / Growth Management

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