Environmental Enhancement through Agriculture: Proceedings of a Conference Boston, Massachusetts, November 15-17, 1995 - FIC

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Environmental Enhancement through Agriculture: Proceedings of a Conference Boston, Massachusetts, November 15-17, 1995

Proceedings of a conference held in Boston, Massachusetts, November 15-17, 1995, organized by the Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy, the American Farmland Trust, and the Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture. Topics and papers include: WATERSHED PROTECTION: “Operation Future: Farmers Protecting Darby Creek and the Bottom Line”, Dennis W. Hall; “The Watershed Approach to Integrating Agricultural Production and Water Quality Enhancement”, Maurice G. Cook and J. Mark Rice; “Padilla Bay Proposes a Unique Community Partnership for On-Farm Agriculture and Estuary Research and Education”, Colette DePhelps; “Watershed Protection: A Better Way”, Richard I. Coombe; “Sustainable Farming Practices Benefit Minnesota Landscape”, Dana Jackson and George Boody; “Marin Coastal Watershed Enhancement Project: A Cooperative Approach to Adapting Nonpoint-Source Pollution Guidelines to Local Conditions”, Ellen Rilla and Stephanie Larson; “Buffalo River Tributaries Watershed Project”, Dennis Hackbart; “The Zuni River Watershed Act: An Ecosystem Plan”, Gary D. Wooten and Ellen R. Dietrich; WILDLIFE CONSERVATION AND BIODIVERSITY: “Collaborative Problem Solving in Cameron County, Texas: The Coexistence Committee”, Duane Dale, Amy Purvis, Terry Lockamy, and Steve Thompson; “Valley Care: Bringing Conservation and Agriculture Together in California’s Central Valley”, Jack M. Payne, Michael A. Bias, and Richard G. Kempka; “The Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust”, David Melnychuk; “Establishment of On-Farm Native Plant Vegetation Areas to Enhance Biodiversity within Intensive Farming Systems of the Sacramento Valley”, John H. Anderson, Jennifer L. Anderson, Richard R. Engel, and Bruce J. Rominger; “Birds of Prey and Their Use of Agricultural Fields”, Kerry J. Fitzpatrick; “Value of Shade Coffee Plantations for Tropical Birds: Landscape and Vegetation Effects”, Jeffrey David Parrish and Lisa J. Petit; LIVESTOCK SYSTEMS: “Environmental, Economic, and Social Benefits of Feeding Livestock on Well-Managed Pasture”, William Murphy, Joshua Silman, Lisa McCrory, Sarah Flack, Jon Winsten, David Hoke, Abdon Schmitt, and Brian Pillsbury; “Enhancement of Communities with Pasture-Based Dairy Production”, Systems Steven P. Washburn, Rene J. Knook, James T. Green, Jr., Gregory D. Jennings, Geoffrey A. Benson, James C. Barker, and Matthew H. Poore; “The Potential of Dairy Grazing to Protect Agricultural Land Uses and Environmental Quality in Rural and Urban Settings”, Bryan T. Petrucci; “Environmental and Economic Benefits of Organic Dairy Farming in Ontario”, Yetunde 0. Sholubi, D. Peter Stonehouse, and E. Ann Clark; “Integrated Resource Management at Work: A Case Study”, Scott M. Barao; “Riparian Zones Then and Now: An Enhanced Environment Created by Agriculture”, Quentin D. Skinner and Joseph G. Hiller; “Can Sustainable Agriculture Landscapes Accommodate Corporate Agriculture?” Dennis Keeney; WASTE RECYCLING AND NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT: “On-Farm Composting of Food and Farm Wastes: Economic and Environmental Considerations”, John M. Halstead, Terri Emmer Cook, and George 0. Estes; “Recycling Municipal Organic Wastes through Compost Application to Agricultural Land”, Thomas A. Obreza; “Best Nutrient Management Practices on Watersheds to Protect Water Quality in Massachusetts”, J. Daliparthy, S.J. Herbert, T. Akin, and B. O’Toole; ENERGY FROM AGRICULTURAL BIOMASS: “Environmental Enhancement Using Short-Rotation Woody Crops and Perennial Grasses as Alternatives to Traditional Agricultural Crops”, Virginia R. Tolbert and Andrew Schiller; “Perennial Grasses for Energy and Conservation: Evaluating Some Ecological, Agricultural, and Economic Issues”, Mark Downing, Marie Walsh, and Sandy McLaughlin; “The Environmental Benefits of Cellulosic Energy Crops at a Landscape Scale”, Robin L. Graham, Wei Liu, and Burton C. English; METROPOLITAN AGRICULTURE AND FARMLAND PRESERVATION: “Regional Farmers’ Market Development as an Employment and Economic Development Strategy”, John S. Nettleton; “Community Food Security, Agriculture, and the Environment: A Massachusetts Perspective”, Hugh M. Joseph; “Protecting Important Natural Areas, Wildlife Habitat and Water Quality on Vermont Dairy Farms through the Vermont Farmland Protection Program”, Alex Considine, John Roe, and Kate Willard; “Empirical Evidence of Public Preferences for Farmland Preservation”, Jeffrey Kline and Dennis Wichelns; NATIONAL POLICIES ON AGRICULTURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT: “The Living Countryside: Maintaining Sweden’s Agrarian Landscape”, David Vail; “The Provision of Countryside Amenities: External Benefits of Agricultural Production in Mountainous Regions”, Franz Hackl and Gerald J. Pruckner; “Integration of Environmental Objectives into Agricultural Policy and Law in the Netherlands”, Victor Bekkers and Jonathan Verschuuren; AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT AND THE ENVIRONMENT: “Resource Systems Analysis: Linking Agriculture and Environment in Central Java, Indonesia”, Valerie Sexton; “Are Productivity Enhancing, Resource Conserving Technologies a Viable ‘Win-Win’ Approach in the Tropics? The Case of Conservation Tillage in Mexico”, Olaf Erenstein.

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The Center for Agriculture, Food and Environment
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March 01, 1996
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