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Exploring Economic and Health Impacts of Local Food Procurement

Local food initiatives across the U.S. have launched determined efforts to encourage institutional purchasers to source locally grown foods. These have generated significant enthusiasm at the local level. Yet the evidence base for documenting positive impacts on health and local economies is still being developed.

This study seeks to draw insight from both scholarly studies and on-the-ground experience in order to distill practical strategies, recommend ways to conceptualize and measure economic and health impacts, and highlight effective methods for building the capacities of communities for this work. 

Here you will find the report, executive summary, and analysis of methodologies.

Jess Lynch, Ken Meter, Grisel Robles-Schrader, Megan Phillips Goldenberg, Elissa Bassler, Sarah Chusid, Coby Jansen Austin
Chicago, IL: Illinois Public Health Initiative
Page Numbers
Publication Date
April 21, 2015
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Agricultural Economic Development, Agricultural Economic Trends, Direct Marketing, Farm to School / Institution, Local / Regional Food Systems

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