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Farm Production Expenditures 2002 Summary

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) initiated an estimation program in calendar year 1993 for farm production expenditures. Farm Production Expenditure publications for prior years included only survey indications for expenditures at the U.S. level and other geographic, size, and type of farm levels. Currently estimates are published based on survey indications and other check data for major groupings of farm production expenses for the U.S., 10 Farm Production Regions, 7 U.S. Economic Sales Classes, and U.S. Crop and Livestock Farms. Previous year’s data are subject to revision as additional survey indications and check data become available. One of the primary uses of farm production expenditure data is for weighting in the construction of Prices Paid Indexes. In early 1995, NASS completed a revision of the indexes which included changes in the structure of components estimated and subsequently, the relative weights used in the construction of the indexes. Changes were made in an effort to simplify updating component items and also to establish more appropriate weights for the series. In a combined effort to facilitate this process, changes were made in component items estimated in this publication. The changes include: grazing fees were moved from the Farm Services category to Rent; oils and lubricants were moved from Fuels to Farm Supplies and Repairs; repairs and maintenance expenditures were moved from Other Farm Machinery to Farm Supplies and Repairs; and the category Building and Fencing along with Farm and Land Improvements were combined into one category called Farm Improvements and Construction. Estimates for these levels were revised back to 1990 at the U.S. level to provide a more useful series for data users.

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National Agricultural Statistics Service Report
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National Agricultural Statistics Service
Washington, DC: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
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July 01, 2003
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Reports and Guides
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