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Farmland Conservation: Reality or Wishful Thinking?

These case studies showcase some of the most successful and promising local farmland conservation programs in California. They demonstrate not only that effective conservation of farmland is possible, but also that there are a variety of ways to accomplish it, if localities summon the political will to do so. The purpose for publishing these is to provide both information and inspiration to other local communities that have not made as much progress at conserving the farmland on which California and people all over the world depend.

Serena Unger
San Francisco, CA: American Farmland Trust
Page Numbers
Publication Date
July 29, 2013
Publication Type
Reports and Studies
Agricultural Protection Zoning, Conservation Easements, Conservation Policies and Programs, Land Use Planning, Planning for Agriculture and Food Systems, Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements, Smart Growth / Growth Management, Urban Growth Boundary (UGB)

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