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Finding the Next Generation for Your Farm

Planning for the future of your farm is never easy, and it has unique challenges when there is not an identified next generation. There are many causes for not having a next generation identified. Perhaps, you didn’t have children or your kids aren’t interested in coming home to the farm. But, it is possible to successfully find someone that is right for your farm. This fact sheet describes a series of steps to take to help you develop a farm transfer strategy and position your farm to have a next generation.

This fact sheet is one in a collection of fact sheets produced as part of American Farmland Trust’s Farmland Advisors project which created and trained a network of 80 professionals to provide guidance to farmers and farmland owners. Topics include: transitioning land to the next generation, finding a farmer to work the land, and matching farm seekers with farm owners.

Farmland Advisors
Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust
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Publication Date
October 01, 2015
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Fact Sheets and Technical Memos
Farm Transfer

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