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The State of Gender Equity in U.S. Agriculture

This report is a synthesis of research on the status of gender equity in U.S. agriculture conducted by the Women for the Land team at American Farmland Trust between 2021-2023. A growing body of evidence demonstrates that agriculture is among the most gender-unequal occupations in the U.S.

Women for the Land’s research shows that disparities persist for women in agriculture in terms of access to financial and technical resources and key information networks, especially for Black, Indigenous, Latina, Asian, and Queer women. The core barriers contributing to these disparate outcomes for women-led farms appear to be a combination of internalized sexism (such as lack of confidence and risk aversion) and institutionalized sexism (via the reinforcement of gender stereotypes and biases in agricultural institutions and social contexts).

The report details the nuanced ways these barriers impact women in agriculture, the secondary issues that arise, and the implications for farm viability, climate resilience, and farmland protection. Finally, recommended actions are offered on how agricultural service providers, producers, and policy advocates can address these barriers and foster a more equitable, secure, and viable agricultural future.








Caitlin Joseph, Gabrielle Roesch-McNally, Ariel Looser
Washington D.C.: American Farmland Trust
Page Numbers
Publication Date
January 05, 2024
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Women in Agriculture

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