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Healthy Food in Your Community: A Toolkit for Policy Change

Are you worried about access to healthy food in your community and want to take steps to get involved locally, but you are not sure of the best ways to have an impact? If so, this toolkit can help you advocate sensible food policies that prioritize public health and are informed by the best available science. Communities must be a part of the decisions that shape access to healthy, aordable food. With this toolkit, you can join local eorts to make healthy, aordable food a regular part of your—and potentially every—community’s landscape.

Downloadable Documents
Abbie Steiner, Danielle Fox, Deborah Bailin, Pallavi Phartiyal
Cambridge, MA: Union of Concerned Scientists
Page Numbers
Publication Date
October 01, 2014
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Food Policy Councils, Planning for Agriculture and Food Systems

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