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How to Create and Implement Healthy General Plans: A Toolkit for Building Healthy, Vibrant Communities Through Land Use Policy Change

General plans can be tools to help guide development, and the general planning process can be an effective forum in which local governments can facilitate this new partnership. Still, these are only part of a long-term strategy for incorporating health considerations into planning and development. This toolkit provides not only advice on how to include health-supporting policy in general plans but also strategies for institutionalizing interdisciplinary partnerships and ensuring that implementation strategies are embedded in these policies from the first.

This toolkit provides users with a logical progression of steps that can build upon one another, without mandating a fixed entry point. It is organized around a process of engagement, from building relationships and assessing existing conditions to creating and ultimately implementing policy language.

Downloadable Documents
Peter Stair, Heather Wooten, and Matt Raimi
Oakland, CA: Public Health Law and Policy
Page Numbers
Publication Date
October 01, 2007
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Land Use Planning, Local / Regional Food Systems, Planning for Agriculture and Food Systems

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