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Measuring the Impact of Solar Siting and Design on Project Costs

Solar is one of our most effective and flexible tools for addressing climate change, the environmental and public health impacts of fossil fuel pollution, and systemic injustices from our existing energy system. States must balance the direction they wish the solar market to go with the reality that incentives and compensation will need to take these cost differences into account. Through our research, Vote Solar has found that the type of structure, type of site and size of the project all have differing and matrixed impacts on the total cost of project development. Specifically, existing data was aggregated and solar developers were surveyed on three types of project – open land or greenfield development, rooftop, and canopied projects.

Vote Solar
Boston, MA: Vote Solar
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Publication Date
August 01, 2020
Publication Type
Fact Sheets and Technical Memos
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Solar Siting

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