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New England Farm Leasing Tutorial

The tutorial was developed as part of a project called Understanding and Negotiating Leases for New England Farm Entrants.

The goal of this tutorial is to introduce you to the benefits and challenges of leasing. It will explain types of farm leases, and when to use them. It may help you consider, design and negotiate legally sound, written lease agreements.

While this tutorial and the project are intended for aspiring, new and beginning farmers, anyone interested in farm leasing will find useful information in these modules.

By completing the tutorial you are eligible for technical assistance from service providers familiar with farm leasing. For example, we will review your draft lease, check on a legal question, or help you think through a lease-related decision. 

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Bob Bernstein, Kathy Ruhf, Debra Heleba, Annette Higby
Keene, NH: Land for Good
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Outreach Materials
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, National, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Beginning Farmers, Farmland Access

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