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Opening a Farmers Market on Federal Property: A Guide for Market Operators and Building Managers

This publication discusses the issues involved in locating a farmers market on federal property: security, insurance needs, parking, the use of utilities and amenities, and all the other things you need to consider. It tells who to contact for information, points to some helpful government Web sites and offices, and offers case studies of successful farmers markets on public property.

Federal properties may be good places for farmers markets because they can boost traffic, since many federal buildings are prominently positioned in central business districts. Sites in buildings, on grounds or in parking lots are frequently available for minimal or no cost.

Publication Name
Agricultural Marketing Service Publication
Downloadable Documents
Karen Beach, Frank Giblin and Velma Lakins
Washington, D.C.: USDA Agricultural Marketing Service and U.S. General Services Administration
Page Numbers
Publication Date
September 01, 2009
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Direct Marketing, Farmers Markets, Local / Regional Food Systems

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