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Placer County Foodshed Report

This report is an attempt to highlight the local and regional trends and local food system efforts in Placer County. It is part of an initial set of foodshed assessments being conducted in 3 counties in California—Placer, Alameda and Stanislaus. The California work is part of a national study, “Consumers, Commodities and Communities: Local Food Systems in a Globalizing Environment (NE-185)” in which a partnership of 18 land grant universities throughout the country are collaborating to study local food production,
distribution and consumption in a globalizing economy. Participating states each agreed to study regional food systems in three counties in their states—an urban county, an urbanizing county and a rural county so they could be compared and contrasted.

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Gail Feenstra and Shawn King
Berkeley, CA: UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
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Publication Date
October 03, 2001
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Foodshed and Food Gap Assessments, Local / Regional Food Systems

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