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Saved By Development

Transfer of development rights is a regulatory technique used by cities, counties and states to preserve environmentally-sensitive areas, open space, farmland, historic landmarks and other commuity assets without the cost of public acquistion. Using TDR, owners are motivated to preserve their properties by the ability to sell their development rights. These rights are purchased by developers in order to increase the amount of development allowed at separate sites that are appropriate for increase development. TDR has been used in at least 107 communities in the last 30 years.

This book uses the experience gained from these communities to answer the following questions:

What is TDR?
How has TDR evolved?
Who should know about TDR?
What can be preserved (or created) with TDR?
Who dow you create a successful TDR program?
Howe does TDR compare with other implementation techniques?
What are TDR’s legal considerations?
Why don’t more communities use TDR?
What is the future of TDR?

In addition, the book provides a step by step process for preparing a land use plan that can be implemented by TDR and includes case studies of 107communities that have used TDR.

Rick Pruetz
Burbank, CA: Arje Press
Page Numbers
xi, 436
Publication Date
September 01, 1997
Publication Type
Transfer of Development Rights

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