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Siting: Finding a Home for Renewable Energy and Transmission

Policymakers have many options to accelerate siting for new generation and transmission needs. First, system operators must manage demand for energy, and take advantage of America’s existing grid. This paper then focuses on the reforms needed to locate, coordinate and expedite any new generation or transmission that the grid system requires. In short, policymakers should:

• Optimize the existing grid infrastructure.
• Fully use available planning processes.
• Employ “Smart from the Start” criteria.
• Improve interagency, federal-state and
interstate coordination.
• Work with landowners to develop new
options for private lands, including
innovative compensation measures.
• Refine the process to support siting
offshore wind developments.

This paper provides detailed recommendations for how to accomplish these goals.

Carl Zichella, Johnathan Hladik
The Electricity Journal
Page Numbers
Publication Date
September 23, 2013
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Solar Siting

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