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Small Town Planning Handbook

Whether your town’s issue is industrial decline or population growth, the second edition of this book offers useful advice on how to cope. The practical tools described in this popular guide are sensitive to local character and the reality of limited financial and personnel resources. The authors explain how to develop a comprehensive town plan, draft and apply land-use regulations, and craft a capital improvements program. They also investigate new areas such as economic development, small town design, and strategic planning. Graphs and figures elucidate the text, which is wrtitten in a clear, understandable manner. A great resouce on a topic that is more timely than ever.

John W. Keller, Mark B. Lapping, Thomas L. Daniels
Chicago, IL: American Planning Association Planners Press
Page Numbers
Publication Date
January 01, 1995
Publication Type
Land Use Planning, Planning for Agriculture and Food Systems

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