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Solar Energy and Agriculture in Kentucky

How can Kentucky produce more renewable energy while protecting farmland and serving rural communities? To address this question, American Farmland Trust interviewed a dozen stakeholders from across the Commonwealth. In these conversations, stakeholders described various benefits and drawbacks of solar energy deployment. They also shared visions for how the state can achieve a bright, productive, and equitable future. The Executive Summary identifies the most important issues that stakeholders raised.

American Farmland Trust also investigated the treatment of ground-mounted solar energy infrastructure in the context of the state’s farmland protection policies. The policy brief examines how the state can help advance renewable energy development while protecting the state’s agricultural land. Together with insights from stakeholders, this information can inform Kentucky’s renewable energy strategy.

Brooks Lamb, Kayla Donovan, Jennifer Dempsey
Louisville, KY: American Farmland Trust
Page Numbers
Publication Date
January 03, 2022
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Solar Siting

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