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The Economics of Local Food Systems: A Toolkit to Guide Community Discussions, Assessments and Choices

The Local Food System Toolkit was developed by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) to help communities reliably evaluate the economic impact of investing in local and regional food systems. The Local Food System Toolkit provides detailed guidance in seven modules to measure and assess the expected economic impacts of local food investments. Using real-world projects, experiences, and applied research, it provides grounded, credible, and useable assessment methods. The Local Food System Toolkit can be used by policy makers, community leaders, private businesses or foundations to offer specific estimates that will help them decide whether to invest in initiatives that increase local food activity.

Dawn Thilmany McFadden, David Conner, Steven Deller, David Hughes, Ken Meter, Alfonso Morales, Todd Schmit, David Swenson, Allie Bauman, Megan Phillips Goldenberg, Rebecca Hill, Becca B.R. Jablonski, Debra Tropp
Washington, DC: USDA Agricultural Marketing Services
Page Numbers
Publication Date
March 01, 2016
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
Agricultural Economic Development, Agricultural Statistics, Local / Regional Food Systems, Planning for Agriculture and Food Systems

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