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The New Mainstream: A Sustainable Food Agenda for California

After 159 in-depth interviews, review of over 700 datasets, consultation with over 50 data managers, deep consideration of key food system topics and general review of dozens more, proposals in the report include:
1. A theory of change for moving the sustainable food system from niche to mainstream
2. A vision for a sustainable food system for California
3. An outline of an implementation strategy for achieving the vision
4. Indicators of success to evaluate progress
The recommendations made in this narrative are addressed to the Roots of Change Council and Fund.

Each section of the report is organized into subsections titled “background,” “findings,” and “recommendations.” The background segments provide a brief rationale for why the topic was undertaken. The findings present results of qualitative or quantitative analysis that emerged from the project. The recommendations suggest action for the Roots of Change Council. For convenience, all of the project team’s recommendations are also collected in the last section of this report.

Downloadable Documents
Ellen Brady
Page Numbers
Publication Date
December 20, 2005
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
et al. Author(s)
Gail Feenstra, Mike Mertens, Howard Silverman, Katy Mamen, Analisa Gunnell and Celeste LeCompte.
California, National
Local / Regional Food Systems

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