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The Protection of Farmland, Executive Summary / National Agricultural Lands Study

The executive summary provides a condensed verion of the comprehensive evaluation of farmland protection programs, Protecting Farm Land: A Guidebook for State and Local Governments. It is the fourth publication in the series of twelve reports produced as part of seminal National Agricultural Lands Study.

Publication Name
National Agricultural Lands Study
Downloadable Documents
Robert E. Coughlin, John C. Keene, J. Dixon Esseks
Washington, DC: National Agricultural Lands Study
Page Numbers
Publication Date
December 01, 1980
Publication Type
Reports and Guides
et al. Author(s)
William Toner and Lisa Rosenberger
Agricultural Districts, Agricultural Protection Zoning, Farmland Protection Overview, Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements, Real Property Tax Relief, Right to Farm, Transfer of Development Rights

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