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ACEP-ALE Application Forms

In order for eligible entity applicants to apply for federal funds for the purchase of agricultural conservation easements through the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program – Agricultural Land Easements (ACEP-ALE), they must complete and submit the following two application forms:

  1. Form NRCS-CPA-41, “Entity Application for an ALE Agreement” (entity application)
  2. Form NRCS-CPA-41A, “Parcel Sheet for Entity Application for an ALE Agreement” (parcel sheet)

These application forms were updated in February 2020.

For buy-protect-sell (BPS) transactions only, there is a supplemental application form that must be submitted as of April 2021, provided below.

Note the forms here may not be fillable and are meant as a reference only. Contact USDA NRCS to access the official forms.

Current as of
February 01, 2020
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NRCS Forms and Agreements

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