Food and Agriculture Sector-Specific Plan - FIC

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Food and Agriculture Sector-Specific Plan

Protecting the Nation's food and agricultural critical infrastructure is an important responsibility shared by Federal, State, local, tribal, and territorial governments and private sector partners. Interruption of operations within the sector could have a potentially devastating impact on the Nation's public health and economy/ The security and resilience of infrastructure in the Food and Agriculture (FA) Sector requires all sector partners to undertake a number of integrated processes and procedures. As such, the FA Sector has developed a new set of sector priorities in this updated 2015 SSP that will help guide security and resilience efforts, inform partner decisions, reflect activities to enhance security and resilience, and improve risk management practices over the next four years. The achievement of the corresponding FA Sector goals will not only enhance security and resilience in the sector, but will also help measure the progress towards the NIPP 2013 goals, the JNP1, and the National Preparedness Goal. 

Current as of
April 14, 2017
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Agricultural Plans

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