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San Diego County, CA: Farming Program Plan
This strategic plan is the result of an 18-month planning process initiated by the County of San Diego (the County) in conjunction with a Core Working Group and American Farmland Trust (AFT). AFT was engaged to facilitate the process and assist in writing this Farming Program Plan for the County. 
The Farming Program Plan consists of three sections, the last of which includes the framework and initiatives of the Farming Program, as well as strategies and recommendations for each of the three issue areas raised during the listening sessions. The foundation of the Farming Program Plan’s framework relies on establishing a more positive and supportive environment for agriculture in Unincorporated San Diego County and supports the implementation of four major initiatives, including: 
1. The 2007 Farm Bill; 
2. Regulatory Assistance; 
3. Agricultural Industry Development; and 
4. Purchase of Agricultural Easements (PACE). 
A major goal of the Farming Program Plan is to make recommendations that further guide the implementation of an institutional government framework that is responsive to local farmers and places an organizational emphasis on the business of agriculture.  Implementation of the Farming Program Plan will help contribute to an economically viable farming industry, help direct growth away from agricultural and natural areas, and provide regional conservation and support of habitat for plant and animal species. 


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March 25, 2009
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