Maine Legislative Document 1504 (2017)

Maine Legislative Document 1504 regulates net metering and limits restrictions on community net metering projects. This bill was vetoed by the Governor in 2017.

New Jersey Senate Bill 865 (2016)

This bill provides that solar and photovoltaic energy facilities and structures on farmland are not an inherently beneficial use for purposes of zoning approvals.  This proposed legislation, which has not passed as of February 2018, reverses prior municipal land use law establishing that solar development is, in fact, a beneficial use.

U.S. Senate Bill 954 (2013)

Every five years, Congress passes a bundle of legislation, commonly called the “Farm Bill” that sets national agriculture, nutrition, conservation, and forestry policy. The last Farm Bill was passed in 2008, and expired in 2012. A partial extension was passed on January 1 to extend several expired Farm Bill programs.

West Virginia Senate Bill 506 (2012)

Amends law relating to farmland protection boards; providing that the executive director of a regional development authority or designee to is to serve on a farmland protection board; and providing an exception to the term of appointment to a farmland protection board for the executive director of a county or regional development authority.

The 25% Shift: The Benefits of Food Localization in Northeast Ohio and How to Realize them

The local food revolution has come to Cleveland—big time. The city now has so many community gardens, farmers markets, community-supported agriculture (CSA) subscriptions, urban farms, celebrity chefs, and local- food procurement programs that the environmental web site, SustainLane, recently ranked Cleveland as the second best local-food city in the United States. But the region has … Continued

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