2017 Census of Agriculture

The highlights in this fact sheet are a small sampling of data that are available and support the efforts of people who care about the future of agriculture and agricultural land.

Vermont Public Act No. 174 (2016)

This act, which was signed into law, was created to integrate energy development and land use planning.  The act encourages efficient use of energy, provides for the development of renewable energy resources, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Maine Legislative Document 1504 (2017)

Maine Legislative Document 1504 regulates net metering and limits restrictions on community net metering projects. This bill was vetoed by the Governor in 2017.

New Jersey Senate Bill 2276 (2016)

This bill modifies New Jersey’s solar renewable energy portfolio standards. S2276 increases SREC requirements for New Jersey retail electric suppliers and is likely to increase demand for solar installations.  This bill was subject to a Governor’s pocket veto in January 2018.

Connecticut Solar Siting Statute (2017)

This law establishes siting standards and creates incentives for installing solar facilities in Connecticut.  It incorporates recent amendments addressing whether projects require certificates demonstrating environmental compatibility and public need.

The 2014 Farm Bill (P.L. 113-79): Summary and Side-by-Side

Congress completed action on a new omnibus farm bill when conferees reported a conference agreement on January 27, 2014 (the Agricultural Act of 2014, H.R. 2642/H.Rept. 113-333); the full House and Senate approved the conference agreement on January 29 and February 4, respectively. The President signed the measure into law on February 7 (P.L. 113-79).

U.S. House Bill 1727 – The Beginning Farmer Opportunity Act (2013)

The Beginning Farmer Opportunity Act is designed to improve existing USDA programs and assist beginning farmers with training and access to loan programs. The bill includes a microloan program to assist beginning farmers with startup costs. An existing down payment loan program would receive continued funding and the Farm and Ranchland Protection Program (FRPP) would … Continued

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