2018-2019 Non-Operator Landowner Survey

Despite their growing importance, we know very little about non-operating landowners and more importantly, even less about how best to reach, engage and motivate them. Limited research indicates that there may be a linkage between rented land and lack of conservation practices on the land, which results in detrimental environmental impacts. Even more troubling, some of the areas with the highest rates of rental land align with those experiencing high rates of nutrient losses. But the potential for positive change is great!  In response to this data gap, American Farmland Trust partnered with Utah State University to conduct a survey of non-operator landowners. The AFT survey was developed in 2013-2014 by the Non-Operating Landowner National Survey Work Group. This group consists of researchers, practitioners and policy makers involved in working with and/or researching non-operating landowners.

The Conservation Title in the 2018 Farm Bill

While “evolutionary, not revolutionary” was the oft-repeated mantra during this Farm Bill process, the final bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill legislation does make several significant policy changes to the largest of the conservation programs. The biggest victory for the conservation community at large is maintaining baseline spending, which means that no funds previously spent on conservation … Continued

Overview of 2018 Farm Bill Changes to ACEP-ALE and RCPP

American Farmland Trust detailed changes in the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program – Agricultural Land Easement (ACEP-ALE) and the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) between the 2014 Farm Bill and the new 2018 Farm Bill.

New Jersey Senate Bill 865 (2016)

This bill provides that solar and photovoltaic energy facilities and structures on farmland are not an inherently beneficial use for purposes of zoning approvals.  This proposed legislation, which has not passed as of February 2018, reverses prior municipal land use law establishing that solar development is, in fact, a beneficial use.

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