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National Resources Inventory

2017 National Resources Inventory

The National Resources Inventory (NRI) is an appraisal of natural resource conditions and trends on non-federal land conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The 2017 NRI summary report, released in September 2020, includes details about land cover and use, soils, erosion, wetlands and conservation practices for the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii and Caribbean Territories. It also documents changes in land cover/use at the national level for six reporting periods: 1982—1997, 1997—2002, 2002—2007, 2007—2012, 2012—2017, and 1982—2017.

The following maps and charts present data about agricultural land cover/use, the conversion of agricultural land to developed uses, and agricultural land in the context of total surface area. Use the tabs to scroll through the different dashboards. You can filter the NRI estimates by year or time period, land cover/use, and state.

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