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Carbon Reduction Potential Evaluation Tool

The Carbon Reduction Potential Evaluation Tool, or CaRPE Tool™, is a web-based interactive tool that allows users to quickly visualize and quantify greenhouse gas, or GHG, emission reductions resulting from the implementation of a suite of cropland and grazing land conservation management practices. 

The CaRPE tool expands the utility of the data reported by COMET-Planner by layering cropland and grazing land acres data from the 2012, 2017, or 2022 Census of Agriculture.​

The tool provides a mechanism to quickly compare practices, their estimated costs, and where the greatest GHG impact can be achieved across county, state, regional, and national scales. The tool’s data and maps help policymakers, conservation and agriculture professionals, and other influencers optimize efforts for cost-effective climate benefits from climate-smart practice adoption in targeted areas and systems.

Washington, DC: American Farmland Trust; Washington, DC: USDA Agricultural Research Service
Release Date
November 08, 2022
Tool Type
Conservation Planning Tools
Climate Change, Environmental Benefits

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